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New Titles

The Official Cleveland ABC Book
by Mark Zannoni


New Titles from Elephia Press:

The Official Cleveland ABC Book
by Mark Zannoni
ISBN: 978-1-889748-21-4  (Hardcover, 56pp)
Released: February 19, 2019

The Official Cleveland ABC Book is a children’s book with photos, teaching young children the alphabet and, indirectly, about Cleveland as well. The title presents a fun way to learn the alphabet by using images shot throughout Cleveland, instilling local pride while creating associations in young minds between the letters of the alphabet and familiar places, things, and role models. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to one letter of the alphabet and a question under each letter and word is offered to stimulate discussion. The words represented by each letter are common nouns, not Cleveland-specific proper nouns. Hence, the book will be loved by children throughout the world.

Author/Photographer Mark Zannoni is a Cleveland photographer, focusing on documentary work worldwide, including a recent study on post-war Vietnam. In addition to capturing imagery from Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe, he has been documenting the streets and beauty of Cleveland for decades.

Details of the the book, including stores carrying the title and other details, can be found on the title website, www.clevelandABCbook.com.

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